I love sharing peoples stories and projects through  film making and photography.

It's one of the best feelings in the world when people are doing good things and I can help spread the word. One of my favorite places is Santa Barbara and we are grateful to call it home. The ocean and mountains and city are great places for me to work and play and dream.

Low Tide Rising is the work of Branden Aroyan. He is a seasoned traveler from a wide range of assignments throughout 26 countries around the world. He was Director of Photography on the Emmy Award winning documentary Alaska Dreams. Says Branden, “I like to give a true impression of a place so we have a wonderful sense of being there.”

Branden came to Santa Barbara in 1997, to be trained and educated at Brooks Institute of Photography, and still calls it home base with his wife and dog. His work mainly supports environmentally minded companies and is featured in art exhibitions. The driving force behind his clothing line, Low Tide Rising, is the appreciation and desire to preserve the beautiful flow of nature and the celebration of humanity.


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